Firefly 100 /Firefly 110 Under Rail light


FIREFLY by FRC brings ultra bright colors of red, white, or blue LED light to all applications that exceeds other fixtures of similar amp draw and size. The LEDs are housed in a waterproof anodized case, built tough for all environments. FIREFLY is easy to install because it can be mounted in any orientation and on any flat surface.


  • Four (4) white, long life LEDs
  • UltraBright 950 lumens light output
  • Lights up entire compartment/cuddy area
  • Mounts in any orientation and on any flat surface
  • Can be used for ground or surface lighting
  • Low Current Draw - Remember That All That Amperage Adds Up!
  • Small & Compact (2-5/8" diameter, 3/4" thick)
  • Instantly on at full intensity
  • Completely sealed electronics, can be used for deck or surface lighting
  • 12 VDC - 0.8 amps, 24 VDC - 0.4 amps
  • More Reliable - LEDs last a long time.
  • Not a strip light - Mount the LED Light wherever you need it
  • Five year LED lighting warranty